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RackSpace Open Cloud

This week RackSpace took a major step forward in cloud computing by releasing RackSpace Open Cloud which is a completely redesigned cloud platform that is based on OpenStack.

Although I believe this release is far from what a open cloud platform can offer, it is a good start. I am a pretty big fan of OpenStack and I believe that in order to fully realize the power of the cloud, open is the way to go. This is one of the first open clouds from a major company today. I am sure there will be many more to come from such companies as Dell, HP and Intel.

Here’s some more info about OpenStack:

OpenStack is an open-source Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud computing project which was founded by Rackspace Cloud and NASA and now includes over 150 companies including Dell, HP, IBM, AMD, Intel, Canonical (makers of Ubuntu), SUSE Linux, Red Hat and Cisco.

The mission of Openstack is to allow companies of all sizes to run their own private clouds using standard hardware. Openstack has open APIs that tightly integrate with Rackspace Cloud and are even compatible with Amazon Web Services.

RackSpace Open Cloud has three types:

  • Public Cloud – The Rackspace public cloud platform includes everything you need to build websites and applications that scale—servers, storage, networking, APIs, and more.
  • Public Cloud – Get the cost and scalability benefits of the cloud, with the control and flexibility of a fully dedicated environment–at Rackspace, in your own data center, or at over 100 partner data centers around the world.
  • Public Cloud –You can run an OpenStack private cloud in your data center and connect it to a private cloud or public cloud at Rackspace. And because it’s based on OpenStack, you never have to worry about lock-in.

Again, this release is far from what an open cloud can be, and I’m sure RackSpace knows that, but it is very interesting to see what OpenStack implemented by a major vendor can offer.

More information on the RackSpace Open Cloud.