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Windows 8 RTM

This week Microsoft reached a major milestone when they released the newest version of their flagship operating system, Windows 8 to manufacturing.

This is pretty exciting for any fans of Microsoft or anyone who uses Microsoft products for business or personal use. I wanted to take a minute to highlight some of the main features of Windows 8.

Metro UI Design

Metro UI is probably the biggest change in Windows 8. The main point of Metro UI is to optimize the user interface and applications for touch screens. Metro UI has been part of Windows Phones but now it will be an integral part of Microsoft’s flagship product, Windows 8. I have never really been a fan of the Metro UI but I am trying to get used to it.

Windows 8 Metro UI

Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer is completed retooled in Windows 8. The most notable change is the new ribbon menu which is part of all of Microsoft’s Office products since Office 2007. The new Windows Explorer also includes new features for confirmations and interrupts in addition to some great new features for mounting ISO and VHD images. I, for one, am really looking forward to this.

Windows 8 Explorer

New Task Manager

The Windows Task Manager has some new features such as resource usage light-ups, process type grouping, friendly names for background processes and top-level grouping windows by app. For IT pros that use 3rd party tools these features may not seem that big, but for the times when you do not have your tools the new task manager can be a great help.

Windows 8 Task Manager

Windows Store

With the huge success of the Apple App Store many people are used to getting applications on demand. Windows 8 adds a Windows Store built right into the operating system. You will now be able to quickly add apps to your computer just like you do on your mobile phone.

Windows 8 App Store

Other New Features built into Windows 8

  • Microsoft Account Integration
  • Windows To Go
  • Hyper-V Client
  • Fast Boot
  • Fewer Restarts
  • Power Management
  • Picture Password
  • PC Reset and PC Refresh
  • Support for ARM processors
  • Internet 10 Explorer

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